Airtanker Base Manager, ATBM

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Incident Positions
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Coordination & Support
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  • Maintains adequate supplies of water and retardants/suppressants at operations base by secure local water source and schedule retardant/suppressant deliveries in a timely manner.
  • Maintains quality control standards during mixing operations of retardant/suppressant products.
  • Understands function of refractometer and its use.
  • Understands mixing ratios of all products.
  • Obtains and post MSDS sheets on products.
  • Conducts and document periodic inspections to maintain quality control standards for retardants and suppressants.
  • Monitors all ground operations for safety. These include but are not limited to loading procedures, crowd control, hazardous materials spill cleanup and disposal, ‘hot’ reloading and ‘hot’ refueling.
  • Coordinates and maintain a safe flight environment.
  • Maintains flight following procedures.
  • Ensures sterile cockpit compliance.
  • Ensures that base planning documents (NWCG Standards for Airtanker Base Operations, Base Supplement, Pilot Briefing and Orientation Guide, Reference Library) are updated as necessary.
  • Ensures all subordinate positions at base are filled as required; if base is approved for hot loading ensures all personnel are trained in those procedures.
  • Conducts daily or more frequent briefings with pilots, other contract personnel, and government incumbents assigned to base.
  • Ensures that all administrative forms and reports are completed according to procedure.
  • Maintains accurate information on all aircraft and aircrews assigned to base.
  • Coordinates all airtanker flights with local dispatcher, ATGS, ATCO, and/or ASGS; obtains daily or more frequent briefings from one or all of these positions regarding mission priorities, quality of retardant, problems, etc.
  • Ensures the maintenance and readiness of all ground facilities, supplies, and services required at the base; ensures pilot and aircraft needs are met.
  • Responsible for regulating the movement of all aircraft, motor vehicles, and personnel on the base.
  • Maintains time and use records on aircraft, equipment, retardant and personnel assigned to the base; provides aircraft use and cost information upon request.
  • Is thoroughly familiar with and enforces all safety requirements of the operation; responsible for maintenance and update of the base’s safety, crash rescue, and incident/accident action plans.
  • Serves as liaison with airport management.
  • Coordinates with IMT air operations as necessary (start-up times, costs, etc.).
  • In conjunction with the agency representative, establishes and maintains safety plans, plant safety and follows the OHSA regulations as they pertain to federal and state entities.
  • Ensures retardant supply meets or exceeds demand.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements (recommended by the NWCG Standards for Airtanker Base Operations)

  • S-130, Basic Firefighter
  • I-200, Basic ICS
  • S-260, Fire Business Management
  • S-270, Basic Air Operations
  • Fixed-wing Base Manager, Mixmaster (locally developed training)
  • Basic fixed-wing Safety (OAS)
  • Airtanker types and capabilities
  • Basic first aid and basic supervision
  • Interagency Aviation Management and Safety
  • Air Base Radio Operator
  • COR/PI Contract administration
  • Fire Ext. Training
  • Hazardous Material training
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