Helicopter Coordinator, HLCO

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Incident Positions
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  • Identifies retardant and foam use restrictions.
  • Ability to perform navigation tasks utilizing maps, GPS/LORAN, plot coordinates latitude and longitude.
  • Confirms TFT status.
  • Locates and confirms flight hazards from the air and relays information to pilots.
  • Identifies and plots topography and landmarks in operation area (dip sites, helispots/bases, drop points, etc.).
  • Establishes ground contact communications.
  • Coordinates tactical helicopter operations.
  • Establishes helicopter priorities to meet incident tactical objectives.
  • Evaluates aircraft capabilities and assigns aircraft to suitable missions.
  • Establish targets and priorities for water drops, assures drop area is clear.
  • Provides clear target descriptions to helicopter pilots.
  • Monitor effectiveness of operations, makes adjustments if necessary, provides feedback to pilots.
  • Maintains positive control of helicopters in operating area, providing ingress/egress routes, flight routes between dip sites and targets, coordination with dip site managers, coordinates logistical flight.
  • Provides intelligence to operations personnel.
  • Enforces agency aviation regulations (contract/rental provisions, flight/duty limitations, sunrise/sunset limitations, etc.).
  • Ensures safe flight conditions and shuts down operations when necessary.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • S-378 ATGS.
  • Qualified Helicopter Manager AND Task Force Leader.
  • Communicate verbally and in writing to relay critical incident information.
  • Function coherently during stressful situations.
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