National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Operations Branch Director, OPBD

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Incident Positions
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  • Attends operation period briefings.
  • Obtains briefing from supervisor.
  • Plans tactical action on assigned area based on objectives of IAP.
  • Briefs and assigns tasks to resources based on IAP objectives and resource capabilities.
  • Coordinates activities with adjacent forces.
  • Coordinates with other command and general staff.
  • Determines and provides assistance or correction to assigned personnel during operation period.
  • Uses tactics applied to structure protection.
  • Submits situation and resource status information to supervisor.
  • Recommends tactics to supervisor.
  • Briefs relief resource on progress, reference points and hazards or special considerations.
  • Establishes communication links.
  • Ensures transportation needs are met as specified in the IAP.
  • Determines and obtains logistics needs for assigned personnel while in staging.
  • Briefs supervisor and IARR on staging area arrangements and procedures.
  • Confirms demobilization instructions with supervisor and briefs subordinates.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Qualified OSC2


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