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2017 WOR Day 4: Getting Real About Complexity

Ribbon symbol for survivor next to the Wildland Fire Leadership logoWeek of Remembrance June 30-July 6, 2017

Sometimes our plans don’t work out. We know this, that is why we have contingency plans — but how many contingency plans should you have? How do you prepare for the complexity we face?

What if you were dealing with:

  • Differing opinions ("Don't go to H-4" or "We're going to H-4")
  • First plan doesn't work (escape route cut off)
  • Surprising fire behavior
  • Not everyone is aware of who is on the line
  • Medical emergency
  • Layout not known to all (Trail vs. Handline)

Discuss the following questions:

  • How will you prepare for each instance?
  • How will you prepare for all of them happening at the same time?

Want context from a real-life event? Watch and discuss Episode 3 of the Nuttall Fire Story video series here:


Week of Remembrance
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