Glossary Terms for Review

The following terms are under review for 30 days from April 26 to May 26.

Please comment on any terms using our Glossary Request Feedback form.

Term for Review Type of Request
Accounting Code New
Accrual Reports New
Administrative Representative (AR) New
Administrative Workweek New
Agency Specific Costs New
Base Hours New
Basic Workweek New
Billable/Reimbursable Costs New
Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team New
Buying Team Revise
Claim New
Claimant New
Commercial Forest Land Archive
Commissary Archive
Contract New
Contracting Officer (CO) New
Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) / Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) New
Contractor New
Daily Rate New
Defensible Space New
Double Shift New
Dry New
Economic Fire Protection Theory Archive
Emergency Revise
Emergency Equipment Rental Agreement (EERA) New
Emergency Support Function (ESF) New
ESF Coordinator New
ESF Primary Agency New
ESF Support Agency New
Federal Coordinating Officer (FCO) New
Federal Land Policy and Management Act Archive
Federal Wage System Employee New
Fire Damage Appraisal Archive
Fireline Revise
First Aid New
General Schedule Employee New
Government Vehicle New
Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) New
Incident Agency New
Incident Assignment New
Incident Blanket Purchase Agreement (IBPA) New
Incident Order Number New
Incident Support Cache New
Industry Crew Archive
Interagency Authoritative Data Source (IADS) New
Interagency System of Record (ISOR) New
Mechanized Fuels Treatment New
Mission Assignment New
Mitigation New
Most Efficient Level Archive
National Forest System Archive
National Interagency Fire Center Archive
Noncommercial Forest Land Archive
Off-Shift New
Off-Site/Remote Assignment New
On-Call Revise
On-Shift New
Ordered Standby New
Prevention Team New
Procurement Office New
Qualitative Risk Assessment New
Quantitative Risk Assessment New
Ranger District Archive
Regular Government Employee New
Request Number (Resource Order Number) New
Resiliency New
Risk Assessment New
Service Center Archive
Single Shift New
Solicitor/Office of the General Counsel New
Spot Change New
Third-Party Case New
Time Recording New
Timekeeping New
Tour-of-duty New
Unified Ordering Point (UOP) New
Unit Identifier New
Values at Risk New
Warrant New
Wet New
Work Rate New