Fire Management Board

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The FMB provides a mechanism for coordinated and integrated federal wildland fire program management and implementation. The Board, taking strategic policy and program direction from the Fire Executive Council, directs, coordinates and oversees the development and implementation of federal wild land fire policy and programs to provide consistent and cost-effective program management. The Board is accountable for and has the authority to coordinate federal program management and oversight.


The Board is responsible for and has the authority to:

  • Provide common, integrated implementation strategies, approaches, programs, and oversight for implementing federal wildland fire policies
  • Provide federal wildland fire program strategy, policy, budget and program recommendations to the Fire Executive Council
  • Provide recommendations on information and technology requirements, priorities, and investments to the Wildland Fire Information and Technology Executive Board
  • Provide recommendations on science and research requirements and priorities necessary to support wildland fire program management activities
  • Identify requirements and recommend priorities for standards necessary to ensure interoperability of intergovernmental wildland fire activities and operations
  • Consult with our non-federal partners
  • Develop recommendations for interagency wildland fire administrative/business support needs


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Erin HorsburghChairDeputy Director, Management & Programs, Office of Wildland
Julian AffusoMemberAssistant Director, Doctrine, Learning and Risk
Aitor BidaburuMemberFire Program Specialist, U.S. Fire
Meagan ConryMemberActing Deputy Assistant
Brad KoeckeritzMemberDivision Chief, Office of Aircraft
Chris WilcoxVice-ChairChief, Fire




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