National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Firing Boss, FIRB

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  • Completes a pre-firing reconnaissance of assignment.
    • Looks for firing operation problem areas.
    • Escape routes (primary and secondary).
    • Topography.
    • Fuels.
    • Weather.
    • Constructed and natural barriers.
    • Applies safety considerations involved in a firing operation.
  • Operates, maintains, and uses firing devices used in own local area such as fusees, drip torch, pneumatic torch, grenades, power flame thrower, matches, aerial applications, propane torch, flare gun, aerial drip torch. Operate at minimum the fusee and drip torch. Diagnose and repair malfunctions in a drip torch.
  • Uses backfire as an indirect attack method against a rapidly spreading wildland fire. Applies fire suppression firing methods and practices. Eliminates fuel in advance of the fire, change the direction of the fire, and/or slow the fire’s progress in conformance with firing plan. Calculates probabilities of achieving objectives of backfiring or failure to fire.
  • Augments holding forces in firing by portable pumps and engine hose lays, dozers, tractor/plow, hand crews, and fixed wing retardant and helitanker support. Applies appropriately for the firing operation and availability of resources. Knows tactics in using combinations of resources and applies them in accordance with agency policy and requirements.
  • Plans the protection of structures and improvements and evacuation of people located inside the area to be fired.
    • Minimizes property loss and provides for the safety of people located inside the area to be fired.
  • Identifies coordination process in firing.
    • Coordinates with immediate supervisor, adjacent forces, logistics, planning, Fire
      Behavior Analyst and Meteorologist.
  • Develops firing tactics to be applied.
    • Meets assignment requirements. Conforms to agency policy and guidelines for
  • Deploys firing crew in accordance with personnel and equipment assignments.
  • Completes a firing operation within the time frames established by operations action plan and supervisor. Firing objectives are met. Firing was performed safely.
  • Attends plans meeting to obtain information and receive operational period plan.
  • Applies methodology to fire suppression in conjunction with established control lines and anchor points.
  • Recognizes and averts problems that might adversely affect a firing operation.
  • Determines number of personnel and type and amount of equipment needed in a firing operation.
  • Briefs firing team and makes personnel and equipment assignments.
  • Uses firing tactically and completes assignment.
  • Confirms demobilization instructions with supervisor and briefs subordinates.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • S-230, Crew Boss
  • S-290, Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior
  • Qualified as an FFT1
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