Safety Officer Type 2, SOF2

Position Category: 
Incident Positions
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Functional Area: 
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  • Participates in planning meetings.
  • Prepares and presents safety briefings.
  • Identifies hazardous situations associated with the incident. Identifies those risks or hazards with the highest potential for serious accident or injury.
  • Ensures the safety, welfare, and accountability of assigned personnel during the entire duration of the incident (air and ground).
  • Reviews the Incident Action Plan for safety implications.
  • Exercises emergency authority to stop and prevent unsafe acts.
  • Investigates accidents that have occurred within the incident area.
  • Assigns assistants as needed.
  • Reviews and approves the medical plan.
  • Interacts and coordinates with all command and general staff.
  • Develops a safety action plan.
  • Develops an “incident within an incident” response plan.
  • Develops ICS Form 215A, Incident Safety Analysis, and planning matrix.
  • Prepares narrative or special reports.
  • Requests assistance from health departments when necessary with food and sanitation.
  • Maintains unit log.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Command and General Staff (S-420)
  • Satisfactory performance as a DIVS


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