Incident Commander Type 5, ICT5

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Incident Positions
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The Incident Commander’s responsibility is the overall management of the incident. On most incidents the command activity is carried out by a single Incident Commander.


  • Demonstrates the ability to apply first aid to stop any bleeding; splints, fractures, care for burns or heat injuries, administer COR and shock control measures.
  • Demonstrates ability to apply business management practices.
  • Properly uses portable or mobile multi-channel radio.
  • Properly uses maps and compass.
  • Inspects hose and accessories for type, size and condition.
  • Properly sets up, operates and maintains pump.
  • Properly starts, operates, and maintains a chain saw in accordance with agency procedures, manufacturer’s recommendations, and safety requirements.
  • Obtains complete information from dispatch upon initial activation.
  • Gathers intelligence.
  • Wildland fire investigation. Records and reports all information that might help in determining fire cause and origin. Designates and protects the area of fire origin.
  • Arrives at incident and checks in. Arrives properly equipped at assigned location within acceptable time limits. Checks in according to agency guidelines.
  • Demonstrates use of NWCG Fireline handbook 410-1.
  • Receives task/assignment and briefing from supervisor.
  • Properly sizes up fire.
  • Demonstrates understanding of how to apply LCES.
  • Briefs subordinates or relief.
  • Keeps assigned personnel informed on a continuing basis about all pertinent information.
  • Inspects assigned personnel and their personal protective equipment.
  • Inspects assigned equipment and supplies.
  • Provides leadership and supervision for members assigned to the incident.
  • Assists with preparation of necessary reports and records.
  • Develops tactics for containment of the fire based upon agency administrator’s briefing, available resources and information gathered during size-up.
  • Serves as lookout, providing all safety related information regarding fire behavior, weather conditions and forecasts to all incident personnel.
  • Performs any safety related duties required by the incident, ensuring the safety, welfare, and accountability of all assigned personnel during the entire period of command.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Look Up, Look Down, Look Around (S-133)
  • Satisfactory performance as a Advanced Firefighter/Squad Boss
  • Satisfactory position performance as an Incident Commander Type 5 on a wildland fire incident
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