National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Public Information Officer Type 2, PIO2

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Incident Positions
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  • Acquires regional/national media directories, and NIFC National IOF directory.
  • Ensures the safety and welfare of assigned personnel during the entire period of supervision.
  • Maintains positive interpersonal relationships. Employs good listening/responding skills with co-workers, incident personnel, media, and public.
  • Employs conflict resolution skills to resolve problems within incident staff or with outside interests.
  • Contacts agency Public Affairs Officer and/or established information center(s) by telephone to determine the following: Level of public/media interest in incident; amount of media on scene.
  • Establish contact with incident management team to obtain initial information and review available documentation.
  • Develops policy with Incident Commander (IC), incident management team members, Agency Administrator, Agency Public Affairs Officer, and/or incident investigators regarding information gathering and dissemination.
  • Develops and receives IC’s approval of a comprehensive, proactive communications strategy that reflects both immediate and long term goals.
  • Submits orders to meet immediate and long term needs for center and field operations.
  • Prepares/approves a fact sheet/news release to address basic incident facts (address who, what, when, where and whey). Updates on regular basis.
  • Initiates contact with and respond to inquiries from media.
  • Participates in briefings, meetings, and special sessions as a member of the incident management team.
  • Conducts information staff briefings on a regular basis.
  • Briefs information personnel on incident specific hazards and safety procedures.
  • Establishes/supervises information center.
  • Establishes/supervises field information function.
  • In cooperation with jurisdictional agency, establishes/supervises community relations function.
  • Establishes/supervises procedures for distributing information to incident personnel, and cooperating and participating agencies (local, regional, national).
  • In coordination with jurisdictional agency, develops and/or approves messages for incorporation into routine incident information.
  • In consultation with IC and Agency Administrator, develops strategy for informing/involving VIPs (elected officials, others).
  • Responds to special situations within incident (e.g., fatalities).
  • Determines and follow procedures for coordinating with other information functions (MAC group, area command, NIFC, local communications centers, cooperating agencies, other incidents).
  • Completes, reviews, approves, and submits required ICS documentation and other reports requested by IC and Agency Administrator.
  • Supervises subordinate IOFs.
  • Prepares information personnel demobilization plan keyed to level of media and public interest and information needs of incident personnel.
  • Assists jurisdictional agency with preparation of a post incident information strategic plan.

Position Knowledge and/or Requirements

  • Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior (S-190)
  • Command and General Staff (S-420)
  • Satisfactory performance as an Information Officer Type 3
  • Satisfactory position performance as an Information Officer Type 2


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