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Configure the ArcGIS Pro Project Template

Configuring the ArcGIS Pro Project Template will streamline data edits and map creation and provide a solid foundation for the duration of an incident.

Note: It is very important to begin with a new zip of the Current_GeoOps_Folder_Structure when setting up a project. This will allow the Pro Project Template to establish the correct file pathways. Reusing the folder structure or the Pro Project Template is not recommended.
  1. In the \projects folder, open the 2023_ProProjectTemplate APRX file.
  2. A display issue affects the Home Folder name in some versions of Pro. In the Project Folders under Contents, rename the Home Folder after confirming the underlying connection is correct.

    Catalog window is open. Path C:\2023_Incidents\2023_Demo is circled in red.
  3. In the Project Databases folder under Contents, rename the Default GDB (other_incident_data GDB) with the incident name and Unique Fire ID.

    Catalog window is open. Incident Name is set to 2023_Demo_ABCDE000123_other_incident_data_ArcPro_3_0.gdb
Note: A slow double-click on the database name in the Catalog View must be used to update the name. The Rename button will be grayed out. Be sure to rename the Default GDB prior to opening the provided Map View or a database lock will be created, and you will be unable to rename the Default GDB.
  1. Rename the Annotation and Progression GDBs.
  2. Navigate to the Project Maps folder. Open the provided map view {MapType}_2023_{IncidentName}.
    1. ‚ÄčAdd the Incident Name to the map title, but leave {MapType}.
    2. Repair the path of the DynamicTextUpdate table to the existing table in the Default GDB (other_incident_data.gdb).

      Catalog windows is open.  Left pane Map Type 2023 Demo is circled in red.  Right pane, Database name DynamicTextUpdate is circled in red
    3. Set the coordinate system of the map to a local projected coordinate system.

      Map Properties window is open. Left pain coordinate systems is highlighted.  Right pane, XY Coordinate System: NAD 1983 UTM Zone 11N is highlighted.
    Note: By setting the coordinate system now, all incident projects will inherit this configuration. If you do not wish to use the same coordinate system for all incident projects, this can be set after each Save-As of the ProProjectTemplate APRX.
  3. Save the Project.


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