Edit Incident Data

Editing the incident data is the first step in the cyclical portion of the GISS Workflow.

Ideally, it is done once or twice daily in batches to reduce data clutter and associated workload in backups, calculations, and analysis.

All editing of incident data should be done in the Edit Project on an Offline Copy.  A new Offline Copy is not necessary each time edits are needed in the same AOI but syncing the Offline Copy before editing data, is required.

GISS Workflow Diagram: Edit Incident Data

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GIS Workflow, explained below

Edit Incident Data – Repeat as Necessary

  1. Edit the NIFS (Offline Copy ).
    1. Secure information through the Situation Unit Leader (SITL) to create/edit incident data.
    2. Process/Convert/Import incoming data and store per GeoOps file structure.
    3. Open the Edit Project and create an, or sync an existing,  Offline Copy  of the AOI.  Edit incident data (only edit your incident).
      1. Edit the EventPolygon first. Calculate Geometries and populate attributes.
      2. Edit the coincident EventLine features to match the Fire Polygon. Calculate Geometries and populate attributes.
      3. Edit the EventPoint or EventLine features in a logical order. Calculate Geometries and populate attributes.
    4. Save data edits, sync Offline Copy, and save Edit Project.
    5. Export the latest fire perimeter to a progression GDB for use in the progression maps.
    6. Calculate containment, ownership acres, etc.


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