Data Preparation

The Data Preparation section of the NWCG GISS Workflow lays the groundwork for the rest of the incident.

Follow the NWCG Standards for Geospatial Operations (GeoOps), PMS 936 for structure and organization for consistency.

Never skip steps in the Data Preparation section to save time during the often-chaotic incident ramp up, it will only require more effort in the long term.

GISS Workflow Diagram: Data Preparation

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GIS Workflow, explained below

Data Preparation – Do Once

  1. Gather incident information - Name, Unit ID, IRWINID, etc.
  2. Copy the GeoOps incident directory structure to hard drive. Rename for incident.
  3. Populate the base_data folder with data relevant to the fire area.
  4. Open and save a new ArcGIS Pro project to be the Edit Project. Name per GeoOps standards {map type} = “edit”.
    1. Create an Offline Copy.
      1. Add the hosted National Incident Feature Service (NIFS).
      2. Zoom to incident area of interest (AOI).
      3. Select Download Map to create an Offline Copy.
    2. Add template layer file and repair path to point to the Offline Copy.
    3. Set data frame coordinate system to local projection.
    4. Configure Feature Templates.
    5. Save a group layer file for Event Features in the incident_data folder and include your name.
  5. Create and Share Web Maps for mobile data collection and information sharing.


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