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Create the Edit Project

The Edit Project is where all data editing should be done to prevent database locks and ensure proper attribution. It is saved to the Projects folder*.

Each GISS should have their own Edit Project with properly configured feature templates.

The naming convention for the Edit Project is edit_2024_{incidentName}_{localIncidentID}_{yourName}.

  1. Save As on the Pro Project Template to create a new project at the root of the \projects folder, and name it edit_2024_{incidentName}_{uniqueFireID}_{yourName}.
    This is the Edit Project, all data editing should be done here.

    Use Save As to create the edit project.
*Do not save the Edit Project in a OneDrive synced folder. If using OneDrive to sync the GeoOps directory from the incident’s SharePoint files, save the Edit Project to a logical place on your local C: drive such as C:\2024_Incidents\Demo_2024.
  1. Add “edit” as the {MapType} to the Map View title.  

    Insert "Edit" as the {MapType}

  2. Open the DynamicTextUpdate table and fill in the IncidentName and UniqueFireID attributes. If the incident name is more than one word, do not use CamelCase in attribute tables; use a space (e.g. “Cedar Creek”).

    Fill in the attributes in the DynamicTextUpdate table.  
Note: Values in the DynamicTextUpdate table will populate dynamic text elements in every template layout in every ArcGIS Pro project for the incident. It should be edited from the Edit Project while all other projects are closed so the updated values will populate properly. This provides a single source to update the current acreage and other attributes for all layouts at once. Additional attributes can be added and utilized with their own Dynamic Text tags. Multiple rows can now be utilized with the use of a custom query.
  1. Save the edits to the table.


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