Creating an Edit Project

The Edit Project is one of the Master Projects and should be saved to the Projects folder.

It is where all data editing should be done to prevent database locks and ensure proper attribution.

The naming convention for the Edit Project is edit_2019_{incidentName}_{localIncidentID}_{yourName}.

ArcGIS Pro

  1. Create the Edit Project.
    1. Open the Pro Project Template and use Save As to create a new project in the \projects folder, naming it edit_2020_{incidentName}_{localIncidentID}_{yourName}.

      Save Project As window showing a new Edit Project being saved to the projects folder with proper GeoOps naming convention.
    2. Open the Maps folder and rename the existing {MapType}_2020_{IncidentName} with “edit” and the incident name (you can also open the map view and rename it in the Contents pane).

      This is the Edit Map, all data editing should be done in this project map.

      Renaming the existing map to include "edit" and the incident name from the catalog window.
    3. Set the coordinate system of the Edit Map to a local, projected coordinate system.

      Setting the coordinate system to the local projection in the Map Properties.
    4. Open the DynamicTextUpdate table and fill in all the attributes.

      The DynamicTextUpdate table filled in with values for the Incident Name, Unique Fire ID, Source Statement, Acres and Acres Effective Date.

      NOTE: Values in the DynamicTextUpdate table will populate dynamic text in every layout in every ArcGIS Pro project for the incident. It should be edited from the Edit Project while all other projects are closed so the updated values will populate properly. This provides a single source to update the current acreage.

      Do not add additional rows to this table.
    5. Add base map(s) and any ancillary data necessary to perform accurate edits of the incident data.
    6. There should already be a group layer named 2020 Event Group Layer Point Labels Defined present in the Table of Contents with broken links.
      If not, add the template lyr file, 2020 Event Group Layer Point Labels Defined.lyrx file to the map.


All editing should be done in a specific Edit Map document and not in the project maps. This keeps things simple, avoids database locks, and ensures proper feature attribution.

  1. Open a new map document in ArcMap. Name the map document according to the GeoOps naming convention and save it to the projects folder. For the editing map, the naming convention is edit_2019_{incidentName}_{localIncidentID}_{yourName}.
  2. Set the Coordinate System of the Data Frame to the incident projected coordinate system.
    Setting the coordinate system to the local projection in the Data Frame Properties.
  3. Save the MXD and proceed to create a Local Copy or Edit GDB.



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