Creating an Edit Project

The Edit Project is where all data editing should be done to prevent database locks and ensure proper attribution. It is saved to the Projects folder.

Each GISS should have their own Edit Project with properly configured feature templates.

The naming convention for the Edit Project is edit_2021_{incidentName}_{localIncidentID}_{yourName}.

Steps to Create an Edit Project

  1. Create the Edit Project.
    1. Open the Pro Project Template and use Save As to create a new project in the \projects folder, naming it edit_2021_{incidentName}_{localIncidentID}_{yourName}.
      Example of saved edit project in the \projects folder.
    2. Open the Maps folder and rename the existing {MapType}_2021_{IncidentName} with “edit” and the incident name (you can also open the map view and rename it in the Contents pane).
      All data editing should be done in this map view.
      Rename the map to "edit".
    3. Set the coordinate system of the Edit Map to a local, projected coordinate system.
      Set the coordinate system of the Edit map to a local, projected coordinate system.
      Note: The coordinate reference system of the Offline Copy (which you will create in the next step of the GISS workflow) will be automatically reprojected to the local projected coordinate system of the map frame upon creation. Reprojecting the Offline Copy was previously discouraged but the drawbacks have been negated by new options in ArcGIS Pro’s geometry calculations and the use of calculation (.cal) files for Lat/Long. The map frame can optionally be projected after the Offline Copy is made, but then will need to be returned to WGS84 whenever a new one is made (e.g. for an expanding area of interest). What’s most important is being aware of which coordinate reference system the data and map frame are in and making decisions and calculations accordingly.
    4. Open the DynamicTextUpdate table and fill in all the attributes.
      Update the attributes in the DynamicTextUpdate table.
      NOTE: Values in the DynamicTextUpdate table will populate dynamic text in every layout in every project for the incident. It should be edited from the Edit Project while all other projects are closed so the updated values will populate properly. This provides a single source to update the current acreage.
      Do not add additional rows to this table.
    5. Add base map(s) and any ancillary data necessary to perform accurate edits of the incident data.
    6. There should already be a group layer named Event Group – All Layers present in the Table of Contents with broken links.
      If not, add the template lyrx file, Event Group All Layers 2021.lyrx file to the map.
      If the Event Group - All Layers is missing from the maps table of contents, add the layer file from the tools folder.



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