Working with Incident Data

A GISS can receive and be required to work with all manner of geospatial data on an incident. They should be prepared to access, convert, and often 'clean-up' any format from GPX to XLS.


KML can be added directly to ArcGIS Pro but capabilities are limited. For any operation other than quick visualization, it is still best to convert using KML to Layer.

ArcMap users will need to convert using the KML To Layer before being able to use KML data.

Avenza Data Collection

If possible, ensure users have an Avenza Pro license. This allows them to export any data as a Shapefile, skipping the need to convert from another format.

Please use the following links or contacts for obtaining Avenza licensing information:

Or check GeoNet Wildfire Response GIS group for Avenza license contacts.

GPS Data

Job Aids

Working with Incident Data Part 1 – GISS Introductory Class


Working with Incident Data Part 2 – GISS Introductory Class

Presentation Notes – Working with Incident Data.


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