Table 3.2 Comparative Diameters and Weights (100-foot lengths) of Coupled Fire Hose

Type of HoseFS SPECJacketID (in)Factory Proof Pressure (psi)Burst Pressure (psi)Max Dry Weight (lb)Water (gal)Weight Water (lb)Max Total Weight (lb)
Garden synthetic jacket, lined (50 ft only)Item purchase descriptionSingle5/83005501.
High pressure, reel (50 ft only)5100-185 3/41,200240028.41.21038.4
Cotton-synthetic jacket, lined5100-186Single145090022.44.13456.4
Synthetic jacket, lined5100-187Single14509009.44.13443.4
Cotton-synthetic jacket, lined5100-186Single1-1/245090026.99.277103.9
Synthetic jacket, lined5100-187Single1-1/245090015.99.27792.9
Cotton-synthetic jacket, rubber lined (light tube) (50ft only)NoneSingle1-1/2  60 to 16225.5213273 to 375