Table 3.1 Water Handling Unit Estimations

ID = Inner Diameter
Rounded Values
Used in
U.S. Measure
Field Estimations
ID = Inner Diameter
Volume (Capacity)
U.S. Measure
Volume (Capacity)
One hose length  
1-1/2-in ID x 100 ft9 gal9.2 gal
1-in ID x 100 ft4 gal4.1 gal
3/4-in ID x 50 ft1 gal1.2 gal
5/8-in ID x 50 ft1 gal0.8 gal
1 gal of water at 20°C8 lb8.3 lb
1 ft of water head (1 in2 column of water)0.5 psi0.434 psi
Atmospheric pressure15 psi @ sea level14.7 psi @ sea level
1,000 ft increase in elevation0.5 psi decrease in atmospheric pressure0.5 psi decrease in atmospheric pressure
 Draft (lift)Draft (lift)
1 in of mercury1 ft1.134 ft
1,000 ft increase in elevation1 ft loss1 ft loss
Maximum theoretical lift34 ft33.9 ft
Maximum attainable lift with new pump29 ft *29.4 ft
Maximum practical attainable lift22 ft22.4 ft


* Pump lift varies with pump efficiency, which decreases proportionately to the hours of use.